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About Us

The Karate Do Kenkyukai Educational Foundation is a registered Public Charity with the IRS, operating as a 501(c)(3) NPO (Non-Profit Organisation). Our primary goal is to preserve and share knowledge obtained from the military arts of Japan, China, and the Okinawan archipelago. We achieve this through three primary activities: hosting seminars in Japan, Okinawa, and the USA, publishing online through platforms like Facebook and X, and organising symposia that bring together historians, researchers, and other scholars who share a passion for the classical martial arts. We, as a Tax Exempt Public Educational Foundation, are committed to promoting and advancing the study of authentic karate.
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Since 2006, we’ve been hosting outstanding karate seminars with renowned masters. These seminars have taken place in various locations like the Okinawan Prefectural Budokan in Okinawa, the Bisham Abbey Sports Centre in the UK, the Shin Tenchi Dojo in the US, and even independent dojos in Mexico, mainland Japan, and beyond. Our faculty comprises the most respected and admired karate masters of all the major styles. They’re so dedicated to our members that some of them even open up their own private dojos for personal instruction. Get ready for some top-notch karate training!


In addition to karate seminars in Georgia USA and Okinawa Japan this year, we have been offering planning and logistical support to the new Shin Tenchi Dojo that is currently under construction in the city of Varnell, GA. This Okinawan style karate dojo will stand in its own park of 10 acres of woodland and eventually include, as we all as large dojo, kitchens, changing rooms and showers, offices, tatami room and a historical exhibit of karate artifacts, images and books dating back through the centuries. Upon completion of the complex, the Okinawan Cultural Centre will be recognised worldwide and will also be the pride of the local community.


We hold symposia every year where karate teachers, students, scholars, historians, and researchers come together to train, talk, and share ideas at the Okinawan Prefectural Budokan. These events have become even more important as we catch up after the pandemic. Our next big gathering is happening in Naha City, Okinawa, in October 2024. It’s being sponsored by the Classical Fighting Arts organisation, the Karate Do Kenkyukai and the Meijin Karate Uniform Company. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity for karate enthusiasts like yourself to meet, train, and discuss karate with the best in the world.


Minoru Higa 10th Dan
Morio Higaonna 10th Dan
Seisho Itokazu 9th Dan
Yoshio Kuba 10th Dan
Chosei Motobu 10th Dan
Tsutomu Nakahodo 10th Dan
Zenpo Shimabukuro 10th Dan
Katsuhiko Shinzato 9th Dan
Iken Tokashiki 10th Dan
Zenshu Toyama 10th Dan
Tsuyoshi Uechi 9th Dan
Hirokuni Yamashiro 9th Dan


We have worked as the principal technical/historical consultants on major martial arts projects with: The Federation of All Japan Karate Associations, the Government of Dubai, Bisham Abbey British Olympic Training Center, The City of Los Angeles, the World Union of Karate Organizations, EMI, the City of London Police and numerous movie like the “Pink Panther” series.. We have published more than 30 martial arts books and 50+ broadcast quality instructional DVDs.


Over the last three decades, the Karate Do Kenkyukai, has assembled one of the largest collections of martial arts historical material in the world in the form of photographic images, documents, books, cinema film, video and other artifacts. Many of our exhibits are very rare, others are unique. As a collection these artifacts represent the history of karate in an appropriate historical and cultural context. This and other valuable karate collections with be represented in the New Shin Tenchi Dojo/Okinawan Cultural Center when it opens in 2025.

Current Projects

Introducing the Shin Tenchi Dojo, a captivating facility that will combine the essence of Japanese tradition with modern sophistication. This innovative dojo and cultural center is our most significant project yet. Nestled in 10-acres of woodland, it promises an unparalleled experience for martial arts and cultural enthusiasts alike. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of karate as you explore our meticulously curated historical exhibit. Shin Tenchi Dojo is is not just a training ground; it is a gateway to Japan's martial arts legacy.

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